A great way to turn those slower early and midweek nights into profitable, busy, and FUN nights for your bar, restaurant, or tavern. Attract and keep customers for the evening, introduce them to other nights of entertainment, and gain customer confidence in the services you provide.

Our computer based trivia games offer plenty of options for your needs. 10 wireless keypads are used by individual contestants or teams. Questions are displayed on our viewing system or the establishment's TV's. These wireless keypads allow contestants to "buzz in" or select an A, B, C, or D answer. Several different games are currently available, with more in the future. We can customize prize schedule. We can also customize questions for geographic or historical interests. HEY... why not a multi-week trivia contest???

 What a great addition to your private party!!

Can you imagine having your own, personalized game show questions for the person you are honoring, the couple celebrating an anniversary, a graduating student, etc.???

What a great team-building activity for your workers!!

A great way to build teamwork within departments at your next corporate function??? Also, a great "icebreaker" prior to a night of dancing.