Our Fees For Services


Depending on how long your reception is, where it is located in reference to us, the size of the venue, and what additional services are needed will determine pricing. Small local celebrations start st $600, with most receptions in the range of $750 for 5 hours. Some of the larger venues like Penn's Peak and Blue Mountain are slightly more due to the size of the venue which requires extra amplifiers and speakers. No charge for incorporating your ceremony into the pricing.

Please Note: We do add a travel surcharge of $50 for travel beyond 25 miles from our office in Jim Thorpe, PA.

Additional services:

Second sound system at same venue for ceremony (such as an outside ceremony before reception): $50

Additional hours of entertainment: $100/hour

Private Parties

Private parties start at just $325 for 4 hours. Depending on your location, number of hours of entertainment, any other services needed, and the size of the venue most parties run in the neighborhood of $300-$500.

Occasionally we do give discounted prices for smaller parties or extenuating circumstances, let's talk!!!

Extra hours of entertainment are $50/hour.

Bars/Taverns/Saloons/Private Clubs/Fundraisers

Generally, we give small bars and clubs, fundraisers a price of $200-$250 for 4 hours of entertainment.


Please call for pricing !!!

Other Services

Karaoke add-on for your event:

Trivia games add-on for your event: